Existential  Traveller
        Bridging Borders since 1984                                                                                                                                                                                   



        bridging borders since 1984

By My Acts I Begin 
      to Define 
         Who I Am
1990 Hospitality of the Marsh Arabs

        The Existential Traveller's small cultural adventure tours of the Middle East, the Mediterranean, Southeast Asia and Central Asia explore the art, archaeology, history, art and music of the region.  Travel in a camel caravan or jeep through the desert.   Explore ancient jungle kingdoms  and meet local artists in Southeast Asia.   Discover past civilizations dating to 6500 BC  writers in the Mediterranean and musicians in North Africs  Discover culinary arts of the desert.  Discover vast treasures of museums - art, jewelry,textiles, archaeology. Discover crowded, noisy, colorful bazaars and  quiet majesty of the desert, ancient jungle civilizations ...the ocean's roar... the buzz of people   cultural heritage and history, artisan, culinary arts, heart's desires and real people

          Discover the world; discover yourself.

 I took the one less traveled by

               and that has made all the difference

                                           Robert Frost

My Acts Begin to Define and Create Who I Am